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“oh, there are pictures.. I keep them where I need the most cheering up.”

For those who don’t know the story behind this:

Before Maggie was born, Homer Simpson worked at the Nuclear Plant because he needed the money to pay for all the debt. Once Homer Simpson finally payed the debt, he quit his job to work at his dream job at the bowling alley. When Homer Simpson found out that Marge was pregnant with Maggie, he became depressed that he had to quit his job at the bowling alley because the salary couldn’t support them. When Homer Simpson begged Mr. Burns for his old life back, he put a plaque that reads “Don’t Forget: You’re Here Forever.” When Maggie was born, Homer instantly fell in love with her. When Lisa asked Homer where did all Maggie’s baby pictures went, Homer explains that he keeps it where he needs it the most.

i cant handle this 

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E for ‘Exceeds Expectations.’ And I’ve always thought Fred and I should’ve got E in everything, because we exceeded expectations by just turning up for exams.
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Architectural Watercolors by Sunga Park

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Sunga Park lives and work in Busan, South Korea as a graphic designer and illustrator, creating architectural, washy watercolor illustrations and cultural portraits from her surroundings.

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i am so sorry.
it’s your loss, too.
stoker (2013) dir. park chan-wook

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he refuses to discuss this with me. rent is 13 years overdue”

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Shocking Truths Behind What Cat Behaviors Really Mean…

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She was used to take off her clothes and put on a robe to be more comfortable. One day while we were shooting, we had to have a very surprised reaction, and we were doing the scene and she stood up and she flashed us! It would have been funny if it’d been just pajamas underneath, but she was topless. And she had actually cut out… She had made Mickey Mouse pasties, to cover her breasts. Every time now I see Mickey Mouse I think of breasts. And every time I see breasts I think of Mickey Mouse, and it is a problem, I’m telling you! - Jason Schwartzman 

This woman is hilarious. 

This woman is a gift.

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Dolce Gabbana ss14 + hair colors | inspired by (+)

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I wanted to write a female character who’s strong enough that a man’s criticizing her weight or looks can sting but not devastate her. Too many women give others too much power over their self-worth. (…) It’s crazy that it’s considered refreshing to see women who like to eat as much as men. We all have that side that would eat an entire pizza if there were no repercussions. (…) I wanted [my character] to be preoccupied with her body like most women are. It’s important to her to lose weight because she has this idea of an ideal body that will help her achieve happiness, but she hates when society tells her she can’t do or have something because she isn’t skinny. (…) Thinking about body image is such a small part of what I use my brain for, and I want other women to follow suit.
— Mindy Kaling on Mindy Lahiri’s self image (x)

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